Being behind & in front of the cameras.

My music interview

This is a short video of me being interviewed by Arron, about my music interests. I chose to talk mainly about my favourite band H.I.M. I was a little bit nervous being in front of the camera as I am usually quite camera shy. But I thought I would give it a go because I thought “Why not?” I became quite relaxed during the interview and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, considering Arron had like 5 minutes to think of questions!

Me filming Arron’s interview about his dogs

This is a video of Arron being interviewed by Charleigh. Arron was being about his pets, mainly his dogs. I was working the camera on this video, and I found that I preferred to be behind the camera much more than in front as I felt more relaxed and I realised that being in front of the camera was me stepping outside of my comfort zone. What I learnt from being on the camera was how to turn it on, zoom in and out, and lock/unlock the camera so I can move it around or keep it stable.


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